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by admin on October 9, 2012

Everyone is in need of leave once in a while from our routine life. It might be sick leaves, a leave for a close friend’s marriage, a leave for a vacation, a leave from school or college and the list goes on. These are general reasons that we have for taking a leave from work or school. What if the workload bothers you too much? The bout of stress and pressure that you undergo when you face an increase in workload frustrates you a lot. To get off from this excessive workload, you have only the option of taking leave. The concern is any kind of leave application should accompany a solid proof; else your leave will not get approved.

Uses of fake doctor’s note

Any sickness related excuses easily fetch you the leave approval. What if you are genuinely not ill? No doctor will be willing to issue a doctor’s note unless and until you are really sick. If he does so, he will be going against the vows that he took during the certification. Under such circumstances, one of the best ideas to get leave is by using a fake doctor’s note. However, it is not that easy to get a legitimate looking fake doctor’s note.  It is close to impossible to get the doctor’s note offline. Not many websites are offering them either.

Some of the free doctor’s notes available in the web are of poor quality and you are taking the risk of authorities catching you red handed if you submit a fake doctor’s note with a few errors in it. In order to avoid these sorts of risks, you should make sure that you get the doctor’s notes which look legitimate. Also, make sure to check for errors in the fake doctor’s notes before producing them to your principal or boss.

How can you make your fake notes look authentic?

Following are some of the points that you need to check before submitting the fake doctor’s notes to your boss or teacher so that you will not get caught:

Expert Look: The first and foremost thing to bear in mind is to make sure that the doctor’s notes are written on professional printed letterheads. The fake doctor note template should include the name of the doctor, and his practice details such as the complete address and phone number. Remember, the doctor note that has been written on a white paper will never be accepted by your higher authorities. Hence, while looking for good notes, make sure to download the letterhead papers that look perfect and similar to the original doctor letterheads with a proper logo.

Accurate Information: Your employer would need some important information on the doctor’s note and he looks for the same just in the first glance. In addition to the full name of the doctor, address and phone number make sure that the note also carries the proper diagnosis. Doctor’s notes from real doctors sometimes include the return date to the work or school as well. However, make sure not to include so much information on the note in order to avoid getting caught by the authorities. Try to keep the note as simple as possible.

Call Verification Feature: Sometimes, your higher official may call the phone number given in the doctor’s note and hence the fake doctors note which you use should have a call verification facility. This might seem very difficult, but there is one website from where you can buy doctors note with call verification facility for a very small price.

Where to buy Legitimate Looking Fake Doctors’s Note with Call Verification Facility?

BestFakeDoctorNotes offers legitimate looking, fully customizable, printable fake doctors note with call verification facility. The site has about 30 genuine looking doctor note templates that can accommodate all kinds of sickness. You will get them for a reasonable price and they are easily printable on the paper you prefer.  The logos and the graphic definitions make the doctor’s notes look legitimate and appealing. This is the only website we recommend to avoid getting into any trouble because of poor quality notes. They look professional and legit. All you need to do is, change the name, date and few more personal details and you are good to go.

You don’t need to wait for hours for them to mail the doctor’s note package to you. You can download the doctor’s note immediately anytime from their servers. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the quality of their product, you can get your money back by asking for a full refund.

One commendable aspect of this site is the call verification facility that it offers to its users. In case your school or office authority wanted to check the authenticity of the doctor’s note, they can call the number printed on the note to get an authentic reply from one of the executives.

See How The Call Verification Feature Works

Logos and Graphics work

All the doctor’s notes from BestFakeDoctorNotes contain detailed graphics and logos which are absent in most of the fake doctor notes.

You get 30+ Different types of doctor’s notes. As a bonus you also get funeral pamphlets, and other non medical leave notice ideas and supporting documents. Here is a list of them.

  • Dentist’s Note
  • “Return to Work” Notes
  • Hospital Discharge Papers
  • Gynecologist Fake Doctor Note
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Note
  • Cardiologist Fake Doctor Note
  • Doctor notes for mental wellness
  • Funeral Pamphlet
  • Jury note
  • Urologist doctor’s note
  • Podiatrist doctor’s note
  • Pregnancy leave note
  • Note for hospitalization
  • Eye doctor’s note
  • Childcare note
  • Oral surgery clinical form
  • General illness note

Click Here to know the complete list of Doctors Note Offered with this package. 

How unique are the fake doctor’s notes from this site?

The fake notes from this site entail the following:

  • Has an assortment of many different fake doctor’s notes
  • Authenticity of the notes is certifiable
  • Offers notes with authentic looking signatures
  • Offers notes with graphic definitions
  • Offers easily customizable notes

How to avail a note?

Purchasing a note from this site involves three simple actions:

1)      Download your desired note to your computer

2)      Fill in the notes with relevant details and customize it.

3)      Print the notes on a good quality paper


Reasons that convince you to buy fake notes

Now that you have come to know the actual use of fake doctor’s notes, you might ask why you should purchase fake notes from this site. You can rely on our notes as they

  • Look authentic
  • Have reasonable a price
  • Incorporate quality
  • Offer 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Are quickly available
  • Include free extra notes
  • Offer secured payment transaction

Overall, in order to avoid the troubles associated with fake doctor’s notes, you should make sure to submit genuine looking doctor’s notes. And, for sure you cannot prepare it by yourself. So, you can approach one of the leading fake doctor’s notes providers such as BestFakeDoctorNotes to get various doctors’ notes that you can use in various situations.

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