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by admin on November 1, 2014

Are you looking for one of the below templates?

  • Return to work note    doctors-note
  • Classic doctor’s note
  • Funeral pamphlet
  • Mental health note
  • Jury duty notice
  • Emergency room forms
  • Dentist note
  • Cardiologist note
  • Gynecologist note
  • Urologist note
  • Chiropractor note
  • Podiatrist note
  • ENT note
  • Oral surgery form
  • Medical absence report
  • Classic medical excuse
  • Return to work form
  • Dermatologist note
  • Eye doctor note
  • Mental health letter
  • Children’s clinic letter
  • And more

You would be searching for the above notes if you are planning to take a break from your demanding work schedule. It is obvious for anyone to think of taking a break from the stressful job schedule but it does not happen so easily. No organization grants leave of absence if you just want to relax at home or take a tour. You should be providing a valid reason to take a day off and support it with a documentary proof.  It is a common notion that medical reasons are accepted worldwide with no questions asked but you must support them with a medical note.

On the other hand, you would get a signed medical note from your doctor only if you are truly sick. Forging a doctor note might put you in serious troubles if you are caught red handed.  What if you are not ill but are in dire need of a break from work? You can choose any one of the fake doctor notes templates listed above and use it as a reason for taking a day off. You can download the above templates from, customize them according to your needs and print them on good quality paper to submit as evidence to your management.

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What are fake doctor notes?

Fake doctor notes are replica of real doctor notes readily available online which you can use as documentary proofs to support your medical reason you use to take a day off.  Where do you find them? It is highly essential that the doctor notes you submit at your workplace should look authentic and convincing to the authorities. Among the sites that trade doctor notes, offers legitimate looking fake doctor notes which are closely modeled following the real doctor notes collected from various medical centers across the United States, Canada and Europe. The site is recognized to provide the best looking fake doctor notes in the internet.

How does it work?

Downloading fake doctor notes from involves a simple procedure. Purchasing single doctor note from the site gives immediate access to download 30 different doctor notes which are customizable. After downloading the notes, you can edit them as per your requirements and print them on quality paper. The notes work in all counties of United States as well as in Canada. They are ideal to use while returning to work or school.

How it works

All the notes sold by the site entail a “3-piece” guarantee. The site proudly offers a 365-day money back guarantee. In case, the buyers are not satisfied with the notes, they can just intimate it through an email. As simple as it is!

The deal not ends there. The site is very confident about the efficacy of the notes if offers; hence along with sending the refund it is also willing to grant $100 if the buyer points out a note that looks more authentic than what they have on stock.  Is it not appealing?

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Features of doctor notes

Doctors notesThe site claims that the notes they offer works in all states and can be customized to any locality. They act for returning to school or work. The notes are modeled based on the real notes accumulated from various health centers located across the United States, Canada and Europe. The notes also combine call back verification in case your authorities wish to verify the notes submitted. Upon purchasing a note, the buyer gets access to download 30 different doctor notes instantly and it just involves a onetime charge.

The notes can be easily cut and pasted to design your custom note. Only the titles of the notes differ from the actual ones; otherwise all other details are maintained the same. The site also offers surprise bonus materials which are revealed upon purchase. Apart from the above templates listed above, the site also provides additional notes as below:

  • Comparative note
  • Abortion note
  • Funeral pamphlet
  • Jury duty notice
  • Handwritten note
  • General consent form
  • Prescription style note
  • Awesome E.R. visit note

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A few sample notes

Cardiology note: This note serves best for any heart related ailments. It carries a unique logo and has fields meant for specific heart related reasons. It delivers a professional feel by including a special field for doctor’s identity.

Dentist’s note: This is a very simple note ideal for using to take a day off from your busy work schedule. It carries a dentist’s logo as watermark which makes it look more authentic.  As you may have to visit dentists periodically, it serves as a perfect reason to avail frequent breaks.

General clinic letter: This is a doctor note in the form of a letter. The design has a prevailing letterhead and footer and includes some texts explaining that the individual has some medical restrictions.

Gynecologist note: This works great for women employees. As it deals with private issues, you are not likely to get interrogated.  This note had a face lift recently and looks great. It also includes a creative logo and a spacious restrictions field. It also includes important elements like Doctor’s identity number and other exclusive artistic fields.

Urology note: This note works great for people who take regular bathroom breaks. Like gynecologist note, this note also relates to private issues and saves you from unnecessary questions.

Final words

As it is understood that medical reasons are widely accepted, you must also support them with valid documents that do not put you in troubles. It is also obvious that you cannot create them yourself. It is best advised that you use the services of genuine sites like to avail doctor notes for various medical reasons you provide.

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